Throughout a supervised network of group homes and workshops within residential communities, anchors away seeks to meet with class, comfort and dignity the physical, social and spiritual needs of adults living with moderate intellectual and physical disabilities:

  • Provide permanent, self-sustaining group homes
  • Supply respite (in-house) services as requited by residents
  • Maintain workshops to promote dignity, purpose and pride
  • Coordinate opportunities for local community involvement and social interaction
  • Promote emotional and spiritual well-being through collaboration with religious organizations, certified practitioners and volunteer services
  • Offer a caring nurturing living and work environment for residents, staff and volunteers

Development Objective

In order to achieve the vision and fulfill its mission, anchors away village has embarked on a development campaign to raise awareness and funds for the establishment of these self-sustaining ‘Havens of Hope’. Because disability does not discriminate, it is not possible for anchors away village to charge the full cost of providing a home for every resident. We must rely on generous support of corporate and private individual donors within the community and beyond.

The reasons:

Our reasons for conceiving the idea of a “Home and style for life” for our special citizens are:

  • Most state-owned care-centers have been closed down and those still operating are very institutional in nature.
  • To satisfy the needs of these adults to reside, work and socialize in a like community.
  • To feel unthreatened in their own environment.
  • To provide continued assistance and guidance throughout their lives.
  • Though provide them with work and therefore dignity
  • To provide ongoing sport/activities and encourage participation in local events.
  • To relieve the load carrier by government with regard to the disabled.
  • To cut apron strings timeously before parents pass away and leave children estranged and devastated.